What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence covers a wide range of disciplines and technology.
Computer Vision
Object and pattern recognition, scene understanding, and activity analysis
Game Theory and Morality
Interaction, confrontation and cooperation of multi-agent systems, utility maximization, game theoretic equilibria and social norms
Cognitive Science
Functionality, intents, causality, theory of minds, physical and social common sense
Task planning, motion planning, design and dynamics & control
Natural Language
Natural language understanding, ontology and situated dialogue
Machine Learning
Statistical modeling, stochastic computing, inductive & deductive learning, and learning protocols

DMAI supports parents, engages students and empowers teachers

Creating a New Standard in Personalized Learning and Healthcare
What if cognitive AI could be used to improve children's educational development and help them to do better in school? What if you had a hand in making that happen?

We all have an innate thirst for knowledge and self-discovery. Yet we learn and consume information in vastly different ways. We crave information that we can digest and solutions that we believe will improve our lives. We find joy in learning when it makes an authentic connection to our individual interests. Even the most complex subjects are within our grasp when we’re motivated to master them and given rich feedback.

DMAI's vision is to lift humanity by developing cognitive AI assistants and platforms that make personal connections to individuals. We seek to explore the dark matter of intelligence - the 95% “invisible” (i.e., functionality, physics, intent, causality, and human utility, through top-down inference and reasoning) that helps us understand the "visible" 5% we see with our sensory inputs.

Where others build standardized methods, we seek to create personalized ones.

Some stats that motivate us include:

  • Only 30% of Americans have a college degree.
  • Only 66% of non-native English speakers graduate high school.
  • 45% of Americans are living with a chronic health problem.
  • 68% of Americans don’t feel engaged in their jobs.

We at DMAI believe cognitive AI and personalized learning platforms can give people the motivation to advance their lives while empowering teachers and healthcare professionals to provide more personalized instruction and care.

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DMAI Mission

DMAI's Mission & Vision

Interview with Tom Mumford

Exclusive Interview

Professor David Mumford, Emeritus, Brown and Harvard Universities

Interview with Li Cai

Exclusive Interview

Professor Li Cai, UCLA

Unifying Disciplines within AI