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January 11, 2020

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At the 2020 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Sit & Play was a “Belle of the Ball.” Retailers and distributors alike, both domestically and internationally, are raving about the combination of content and artificial intelligence (AI) that powers AILA, an early childhood learning device that takes toddlers through an original series of lessons, or adventures. The curriculum is designed by creators and educators to help toddlers build the skills necessary to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Started over fifty years ago, CES showcases more than 4,400 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems, and more. This year’s event offered attendees, buyers, and presenters glimpses into ways in which AI has become increasingly commonplace in daily life. From wearables to washing machines, from toothbrushes to televisions that perform like smartphones, the future of technology seemed to be waiting, in the next room, at the next booth.

At CES, a conference program boasting more than 250 conference sessions with more than 170,000 attendees from 160 countries, the next big thing always seemed to be just within reach. And with AILA, one thing is certain: the innovators at DMAI have placed a transformative learning experience filled with songs, games, and sound pedagogy at the fingertips of toddlers and their parents.

The DMAI sales team held prescheduled, back-to-back meetings in its South Halls private showroom, and interests never wavered. People poured in with smartphones taking photos, expressing excitement over original educational content delivered in a smart, toddler-friendly device. Buyers were impressed, and their enthusiasm for our product launch was palpable. AILA is edutainment deftly delivered.

As Kayvon Banisalam, partnership manager b8ta.com, a company that connects people and products in original ways, said, “This product is awesome. We look forward to showcasing the innovative AI technology and original learning content for new parents coming into b8ta stores.”

Kayvon’s sentiments were similar to those expressed by Tiffany Krumins, founder of Mom Genius and the first winner of Shark Tank, who said, “I adore what you are doing with this brand – Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA). This product spoke to me because of my not-so-popular stance on children using technology. We are the ‘weird family’ that does not have iPads and iPhones for our children. After I had the chance to learn more about this product, I realized it was the perfect solution for us. I firmly believe the RIGHT technology, used both at the appropriate age and length of time daily, can be a WONDERFUL teaching tool! I look forward to seeing your hard work come to fruition as more parents and children fall in love with AILA! How could they not with those adorable characters?!”

AILA Sit & Play is both evolutionary and revolutionary because no technology company has ever invested so heavily into an original series of content dedicated to preschool education. Other tech makers don’t possess cutting-edge AI technology to deploy content as software that learns and adapts progressively, all while integrating content creation, hardware technology, and AI algorithms. That is the Cognitive AI powered by DMAI.

As AI becomes increasingly integrated within the world of technology, we see that AI companies typically lack first-rate content, and content companies usually don’t have next-generation AI. DMAI has both.

Key features that have resonated with buyers include the following:

  • DMAI’s cognitive A.I. algorithms that are designed to deliver the right content at the right time for any child to learn by visual, auditory, and active engagement
  • No Ads. No Junk. No Curation Needed
  • FREE content upgrades, no subscription required
  • An intuitive parent model app that connects parents to their child’s learning and doubles as a baby monitor

“This product is awesome. We look forward to showcasing the innovative AI technology and original learning content for new parents coming into our b8ta stores.”

Kayvon Banisalam

Partnership Manager b8ta.com

Retailers like Nebraska Furniture Mart (a Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway company) are looking to include Sit & Play in both its baby and electronic toy sections, highlighted by the dynamic graphics and messaging showcased at CES. Buffett’s company asked to have AILA available in stores to showcase at the Annual Berkshire Hathwary Shareholders meetings located at Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Omaha store and headquarters. At this event, all attending shareholders will have the opportunity to view new and innovative technologies and receive special discounts available only for that day.

Along with gaining shelf space in brick and mortar stores, another important layer in our retail strategy is to form partnerships with key distributors who will provide linkage to our retail partners. As early learning solutions are a strategic area of growth, products like AILA Sit & Play and Play & Learn are attractive and needed in the market. An excellent education has the highest returns early on, and AILA is designed to support young learners as they develop the cognitive skills needed to become joyous innovators and problem solvers.

In this particular regard, from etailers to retailers, from national accounts to regional, from the United States to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, from Latin America to Asia, AILA has the potential to become a household name across the globe for fostering early childhood literacy, 21st Century, and STEAM skills. Our algorithms help manage screen time and deliver the right content at the right time, creating a tailored learning environment for each child. Along the way, toddlers become stronger communicators and collaborators, key skills for succeeding in school and participating within the economies of the future.

DMAI, Inc. is a cognitive AI company founded by scientists passionate about lifting humanity.

Learn more about our Founder and Executive Chairman, Professor Song-Chun Zhu.

And learn more about the cognitive AI that powers our products, from education to healthcare, with Professor Song-Chun Zhu’s eBook, available for free download here.

Dr. Delano Copprue
DMAI, Inc.

No ads. No junk. No curation needed. The right content at the right time. Original series. Robust early preschool curriculum.

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